Disaster Preparedness & Response

Disaster Preparedness & Response

From natural disasters to man-made ones to COVID, we seem to exist in a world that is accident-prone. Winning Forces has years of experience consulting in the disaster response industry as a trusted partner to the government and to contractors and commercial clients.

Winning Forces offers full-spectrum emergency management - planning, response, recovery and mitigation - to government and commercial clients before, during and after a natural disaster or catastrophic event.

We excel in the following areas:

  • Training and preparedness
  • Training curriculum development
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Just-in-Time training creation and delivery
  • Policy development; organizational guidance documents 
  • Quality assurance/quality control 
  • Debris missions: quality assurance, project management and administrative support
  • Stafford Act training and application

As a certified woman owned small business - in many jurisdictions - we are a reliable and trusted partner both in the office and on the ground.

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Our mission is to exceed our client's expectations.

Varied Capabilities

If you have an organizational need, we are here to support. We have managed highly technical projects (e.g. engineering) and organizational, human capital projects.

Experienced Professionals

We were founded on the premise that a legal skill set is under-utilized in a dynamic organizational setting. We deploy the analytical legal brain for our client's complex issues. We value a professional mindset and attitude.


We are an experienced subcontractor and we welcome partnership opportunities. We are smart and experienced and we love to collaborate.

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