Change Management

Change Management

Most change efforts fail and what companies fail to anticipate is that change failure is largely a human capital issue.  Successful change management must be grounded in trust and transparency from the outset.  

The founder of Winning Forces is a former mergers and acquisitions attorney who, prioro to starting WF, spent several years doing corporate deal work in Washington, D.C. and New York with two top law firms. Lauren has seen first-hand how fragile M&A scenarios are. They remain fragile well past the courtship and into the marriage.

This service offering is designed for companies who are undergoing any type of cultural shift or change. Read more about why change management is a cultural issue in our blog series: "There's No Such Thing As a Merger."

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Our mission is to exceed our client's expectations.

Varied Capabilities

If you have an organizational need, we are here to support. We have managed highly technical projects (e.g. engineering) and organizational, human capital projects.

Experienced Professionals

We were founded on the premise that a legal skill set is under-utilized in a dynamic organizational setting. We deploy the analytical legal brain for our client's complex issues. We value a professional mindset and attitude.


We are an experienced subcontractor and we welcome partnership opportunities. We are smart and experienced and we love to collaborate.

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