Workforce & Organizational Consulting

We assist clients directly with workforce and organizational management and development in a variety of capacities: 

  • Training 
  • Training Curriculum/Content Development
  • Facilitation 
  • Research
  • Document Development
  • Operations Support and Staff Augmentation
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Policy & Guidance

Training, Training Curriculum and Content Development, Train the Trainer:  Winning Forces specializes in training content development and delivery. Our past projects have ranged from the very technical (e.g. construction, engineering, STEM fields) to organizational and leadership applications such as identity-mapping, executive coaching, culture and brand-building. We capture the messaging in an unobtrusive and efficient way, thereby freeing up your team's bandwidth.

Facilitation.  We have nearly a decade of facilitation experience in complex team environments consisting of passionate stakeholders who offer different experiences and perspectives.  From facilitating complex legal negotiations with internal and external stakeholders to facilitating team meetings and large conferences in the government space, we specialize in creating welcoming, respectful settings for collaboration and objective decision-making.  We facilitate lengthy strategic planning sessions, workshops, trainings, presentations and meetings consisting of a wide range of personalities, experiences and diverse interests.

Research. Winning Forces employs trained legal minds who are adept with conducting clear and methodical research. This means finding answers and knowing that all relevant and accurate sources have been consulted. Our research service offering has many applications - from organizational doctrine to legal and policy questions to corporate governance.

Document Development. Winning Forces specializes in document and content authorship. We regularly support our clients by researching and authoring documents and reports.  We offer the full spectrum of services from project management to document development and publication and will seamlessly work with your organization to disseminate the information.

Policy & Guidance. Winning Forces specializes in supporting organizations and government entities that are heavily policy-oriented or operate under strict legislative authority. We are skilled in interpreting and summarizing policy directives to ease internal communication and action. We are also adept with drafting, updating and maintaining organizational policy and guidance documents by managing the lifecycle of revising and disseminating updates and changes. We will also author and draft organizational documents (see "Document Development").

Operations Support & Staff Augmentation. We offer flexible workforce solutions for your businesses unanticipated and anticipated needs. We can fill-in on a project-by-project basis or for specific roles.  We prioritize your needs and work within your constraints. We offer short and long term staffing solutions and operations support.

Project Management.  Our organizational culture facilitates respectful and productive collaboration.  We attentively lead groups with challenging dynamics while keeping them on task and within scope and budget.  We are adept at deliverable tracking, minimizing risks upfront and delivering the highest quality work product, with the goal of exceeding each client’s expectations.  Our methodologies include open communication, early issue reporting and resolution, and a commitment to utilizing our best resources and practices on each and every project.

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Our mission is to exceed our client's expectations.

Varied Capabilities

If you have an organizational need, we are here to support. We have managed highly technical projects (e.g. engineering) and organizational, human capital projects.

Experienced Professionals

We were founded on the premise that a legal skill set is under-utilized in a dynamic organizational setting. We deploy the analytical legal brain for our client's complex issues. We value a professional mindset and attitude.


We are an experienced subcontractor and we welcome partnership opportunities. We are smart and experienced and we love to collaborate.

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